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The act of smoking or monging out on large amounts of marujuana
I like to sit on my couch with a fat ounce baking all day
#marijuana #monging out #high #wasted #smoking
автор: Sir Smokesaltot 7 мая 2009
When the twilight vampires have sexual intercourse
emmett- what did you do last night jasper?
jasper- I baked with alice

bella- I want to bake edward
edward- baking will kill you and destroy your soul
#baking #bake #twilight #edward cullen #emmett #jasper #bella #alice #rosalie #vampires
автор: a dude twilightfan 15 июня 2008
Verb. Making out or kissing excessively underneath bedding or a blanket.

Bake(d) -past tense
I went on a date last night with John

Did y'all bake

Yup we went baking
автор: Licious everyone 12 октября 2015
Something bad is about to happen/has happened to yourself or someone around you.
A; Yesterday I was drunk and police pulled me over!
B; Oh my god, how baking!
#danger #worry #relief #bad #feelings
автор: Kappa124 12 октября 2008
Verb. Sex with a MILF.

When a young man, in his mid twenties or younger, has sex with a woman in her mid thirties to late forties.
I was baking with my friend's mom last week.
#sex #milf #oven #mother #younger man
автор: Lygerman48 31 марта 2013
Big ass and big tits.
She has a Ba-king homie.
автор: JJ 4 февраля 2005
The act of "holding it in" when you're in need of a poo in order to firm up or increase size of the final product.
I had a few to many drinks last night and if I don't begin baking this one I'll be shitting through the eye of a needle.
#poo #shit #baked goods #bread #oven
автор: Flowdeeps 16 ноября 2007
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