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To end a conversation or and Visit of another's present.
Since we have handled this lil business,Guess I'll say "BlakOut"
автор: Ghostville Baller 1 12 июня 2007

Слова, связанные с BlakOut

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My very sexy boyfriend!! With the most beutiful blue eyes. Who you don't mess with or your just a dead man.
The boy I'm going to love forever and would do anything for so don't try to seprate me and him.
He also id "GOD" in his eyes and always right and loves Godsmack.
And loves his sister Veronica alot!
1 "Whos your bf?"
2 "A.J well Blak Out"
1 " Why?"
2 " Ask my heart why."
1: "HAHA what?"
2: " I mean because I love him dumbass"
автор: Newfie Bitch 1 сентября 2008