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It originally used a Philly Blunt cigar with a mix of tobacco and weed, but now almost anything will pass for a blunt.
First take a blunt, cut it down the middle. Why do I smoke blunts, cause papers are to little. Fill it to capacity, lick em up and stick em up. Dry it with yo lighter then fire it up and take a puff.
автор: PaulWall 26 июля 2003
15 15
Phillies Blunt is the brand name for the cigars which have a hard shell outside so you can crack 'em open, pack it with gunga and close with a few licks. Watch the movie BOYS
Tribe Called Quest - I need a philli right before I get loose.
автор: Wazza 10 июня 2003
21 21
HEAVEN in the shape of a cigar
hey man, I was so high in heaven last night, thanks for that blunt.
автор: Rosy 27 апреля 2003
30 30
Nasty tasting shit. What amateurs do to try and look "gangster", or hide the fact that their weed is low grade dank.
person #1 - Hey man, I got some brown shit but lets roll it in a blunt to make it taste better.
Person #2 - That shit is weak... blunts taste like ass. Here, try this indoor Cali I twisted up.
автор: stiflers_mom 10 ноября 2012
1 2
1.A blunt is an amount of marijuana rolled with cigar wrapping. Can also be a packed cigar (with marijuana) that has been emptied out of tobbaco.

2.Slow burning cigar thats filled with marijuana.

3.A very big joint of marijuana, commonly 2-3 grams in one blunt.
-"Lets go smoke that blunt"

1"Look at that loser stoner"
2"Bet hes going to smoke a blunt, what a waste of life"
1"Hey lets go do another rail"

-"Roll another blunt this ones down to the roach."
автор: E.R. 9 апреля 2006
27 28
The greatest thing ever, see also L.
We smoked a blunt like spades down at Pleasant Point, it was phat.
автор: tobey 13 марта 2005
15 16
Formerly a term used in reference to a cigar, but in today's stoner society a blunt is now a cigar thats tobacco has been replaced with marijuana. People like to smoke blunts because you can smoke more than you could with a joint.
We blazed a fatty blunt last night!
автор: anonymous 24 ноября 2004
13 14