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An aura of negativity, a ho hum feeling, a general malaise of the spirit.

Expression of sympathy for people experiencing negative things.
I woke up today with a wicked hangover, Blurm.

Blurm! sorry you have had a bad day.

Having a total Blurm day, I'm out of shampoo, the A/C is broken at the office, and my car is in the shop.
автор: Blink65319 23 июня 2009

Слова, связанные с Blurm

blirm aw shucks blerm blood blrm body bummer cum fluid ho hum jawknee malaise meh sperm weariness
A mixture of blood and sperm.
The guy's lower back was covered in blurm.
автор: David Biggs 11 марта 2011