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To be tired to a point in which you can't find a better word other than bogging.

To be Extremely lazy due to a previous encounter with a strenuous activity.
"Wow that 4 mile run was tiring," said Jim.

"Yeah I'm totally bogging," replied John
автор: haynbob 24 августа 2009

Слова, связанные с Bogging

bog toilet shit poo crap loo dump turd bogs shitter ass crapper arse john bathroom lavatory swamp fart log bogger
Similar to minging.
You are bogging.
That shirt is bogging.
автор: benji 2 апреля 2003
when smoke from a gravity bong escapes from the bottom of the bottle and sits atop the bong water.
Bro i brewed you a wicked nice Gee, this shit is bogging.
автор: justin blaze 24 октября 2011
To really stare at something
or maybe give mucky looks

Chloe "what are you bogging at, bitch?"
автор: Ashley1996xx 28 марта 2009
a word that is used by a person that has no clue of australian culture. The term is gennerally used by asians who are unsure about the australian work bogan.
jack: your so bogging
bryan: dude its bogan
автор: aussieboy1 25 октября 2010
Anal sex when the recieving party has experienced the 'squits'.
"better wash my cock after that bogging'
автор: Mr smith5632 16 августа 2010
Dogging in a bog
Yesterday, during bogging, an elderly gentleman was hammering his balls against my windscreen.
автор: BoggingMySon 23 июня 2009