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An unexpected event.
You get caught slippin and then boom
автор: Sun Rhythms 13 октября 2004
bombed out of our mind
Me, Dick, Dave, and Derek went out on the boat and killed 3 cases of Modelo Especial, we all were Bombed out of our Minds. We said BOOM!
автор: Lorenzo T 23 июня 2007
To make money from hustling drugs.
Man I boomed off of that dope homie.
автор: A-Bomb TGN 20 июля 2005
what Jack Hamm screams upon hitting a golf ball with his Air Hammer Driver with Smart Shaft technology.
Prepare for take off in 5...4...3...2...1...BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
автор: Fusy Baby 11 декабря 2004
means cool, awesome, or fetch
ashley, stop trying to make boom work
автор: ars 8 августа 2004
when something is good
thats the boom chronic. get me
автор: mickie p 9 февраля 2007
It is to puff or toke from a pipe. Take a hit of marajuana.
Every one has to boom on the crunkle.
автор: Rob Barrett 26 июля 2005