A large South American country with extremely hot women. South America's largest country and 5th largest in the world by area and population with like 180 million people. Brazilia is the capital but Sao Paulo and Rio are the largest cities. Brazil is known for its jungles, the Amazon rainforest, its vast interior, enormous cultural diversity, and not to mention enormous poverty. Sao Paulo is the 4th largest single city in the world with a metro population almost equal to New York’s.
Brazil is a big, beautiful country with hot women and hot beaches.
автор: krock1dk 1 апреля 2008
Used to be such a beautiful country. USED to, until huge tax raises, clueless president and the overwhelming amount of debt has plagued on what was once a beautiful country. And it has also become the source of the Zika virus so unless you want to have a good time, expect the newborn to become fucked with microcephaly (babies with abnormally tiny heads). Also, don't expect to have a relaxing time at the beaches; their waters are covered with sewage, so its worse than a shark bite.
Brazil used to be quite lovely, yet the shady president had raised taxes just so people will be poorer and cause trouble against each other and tourists alike. Plus, the Brazilian government failed to contain the Zika virus and allowed mosquitoes to breed like rabbits. Oh, did I mention how filthy the beaches are when you try and go for a swim?
автор: Anon100k 14 мая 2016
Steriotypes include:

-Outrageously hot women everywhere
-Anyone with Brazilian backround must be awsome at soccer
-The streets of Brazil are:The jungle; Amazon Rainforest, people getting killed/mugged; dead people everywhere

Fears of the travel to Brazil include:

-Getting an exotic, uncurable disease
-Getting biten by a snake
-Getting killed
-Getting robbed, raped, and getting robbed again

Interests of the travel to Brazil include:

-Wild parties
-Rio carnival
-Beaches with extremely attractive women

Fun facts you might have not known:

-More than half of South America includes Brazil territory.
-Every country in South America (except Chile and Ecuador) border Brazil.
-National language of Brazil is in fact portuguese, not spanish
-Not all of Brazil is the Amazon forest, only a third ;)
Guy 1: Dude, I'm totally going to Ibiza!
Guy 2: Ibiza, what? I'm totally going to Brazil!

Guy 2: Hey man, I got a really nice chick in Brazil.
Brazilian: Oh, yeah?
Guy 2: Yeah man. I took her to all the places! Not to mention she gave me a little reward *he he he*.
Brazilian: She totally didn't use you...

Guy 2: I'm going to Ibiza next time :(
Guy 1: ?
автор: SleepyGuy 18 июля 2009
A country that is really beautiful for the tourists, but actually is a shit-hole country that doesn't have security, since lots of dumb tourists are being kidnapped, robbed, raped and killed there. It has lots of corruption because the PT has made a huge corruption scheme which has robbed for some years millions of taxes the people pay, and there are some dumbasses who still vote on these politicians after some crap like that happens.
Jeff: Hey I'm so anxious to go to Brazil!!
John: Dude I sure hope you're bringing a gun because it's fucking dangerous
автор: Gonzaga The Boss 27 января 2013
the act of engaging in sexual activity below the belt. When traveling to Brazil, participants usually make the full trip; a non stop ride is straight to the business. Layovers and one stops may occur and actually can enhance the trip down south when attention is paid to individual body parts of the lower region.
Alex and Joe tried to go to Brazil with me last night but I wasn't having it...
автор: cat penis 222 6 ноября 2010
A country that is very poor, poor education, a high number of criminals, druggies, gangsters, economy is very poor. Some people believe that Brazil is is a horrible country but in reality its not. The country is beautiful but the people in the country make the country really bad. Even the president, The brazilian government is one of the highest payed governments in the world but the people that work there are payed very little and work too much.
Minimum wage is about 450 reais(Brazilian money)and the president gets payed 11,000 reais.
автор: Tiago0207 2 августа 2008
a name of someone's crotch when they have had a Brazilian wax
"would you like to take a trip to brazil?"

"yes, i would love to have sex"
автор: lollacakes 3 декабря 2007
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