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A quiet and reserved person. Extremely intelligent and protective of loved ones, though usually in a passive way. Prefers a quiet life and loves to collect things. They are very trustworthy although they don't often extend that trust to others easily. With an unbeatable wit and humorous charm, they can blend into any conversation although they tend to hold their tongue until the opportune moment. Very sound in mind and a person would do well to listen to the opinions and advice of a Bridger as they only see in black and white as they are and always have an "outside the box" perspective on life.
Got a problem? Think like a Bridger!
автор: Angelberry 20 июля 2010
Bridger is a man who has a very addictive personality, usualy loves playing video games and sports with a side bonus of many women, he always has at least 3 girls wraped around his finger at all times. loves his music and his job which he makes bank off of. He is a very good friend although a douche bag at time, he will go out of his way to help someone in need. very kind hearted an respectfull man.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see the basket ball game?

Guy 2: Ya, that dude had a bunch of chicks around him after they won, some guys get all the luck

Guy 1: Well you cant blame him, hes a bridger
автор: Temoneous 25 ноября 2009
a man who has an extremely large and thick penis, drives nice cars and is very self centered, only gives to girls he likes and buys them a shit load of things. he is very popular and is always with friends and hangs at parties.
1) ohhh!! lucky!!! you slept with a bridger!!!!!
2) oh god you had a bridger size penis in you!!!!
3) how was your night with that bridger?
автор: 69vanessa69 20 июля 2010
A man, usually who lives alone or with a roommate, never a girl who gives such mind blowing sex, that most women cannot remember their own names afterword, much less his name. Hence the living alone bit.
Girl 1- How was your date last night?
Girl 2- Dammit i was with a bridger, i am extremely satisfied, yet i have the oddest amnesia
автор: mitchellmaier 19 октября 2008
The area of human anatomy which "bridges" the scrotum and the anus. Known to accumulate various forms of human waste. (see perineum)
Billy has been stewing in his farts all day; he must now check his bridger for duck butter.
автор: M. Guinness 23 июля 2014
(Noun) One who bridges in respect to mini-marts and corner stores.

Typically gamblers or unwed mothers with little to no control of their many children, bridgers are people who prolong their order, so as to bridge between two rushes.

Rush - Upswing in business.

A typical technique for bridgers is the False End.
False End - Purchasing inital supplies and producing more money for more thing within arm's reach of the register.

Then, there is the Double Take: Asking for something behind the register and then adding something while the clerk has his back turned.

The Gambler's Gambit - Purchasing a scratch ticket, scratch it at the counter while purchasing other scratch tickets, win a one or two on that ticket and repeat the process over again.
I couldn't stock the shelves or brew coffee for an hour, because I had two bridgers to deal with.
автор: Gester Ghost 27 ноября 2010
A person who lives or spends their days asking for money or food from people in cars. Often homeless. They are identified with ragged clothing, often brandishing cardboard signs that relay their message, tragedy or request.
"Hey, how about we give the 'bridger' some money."
"No, we have some snacks for the trip we can give them. That way we know we won't help them with substance abuse or anything"
"How prejudiced!"
"Yeah, well, I really can't get to know the people individually, but this is a precaution."
автор: Kyuuketsuki17 27 июля 2009
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