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Cutting is when you take a sharp object (razor blade, saftey pin, knife, push pin, etc.) and cut a part of your body with it. It doesn't have to me on your arms/wrists and you don't have to be emo. It's often a result of depression. It does make you feel a whole lot better(I know from experience) and "preps", "Goths', "Jocks", and all these other little clicks are capible of doing it,
it's not just the emos. It's really addictive. It's hard to stop and hard to control.
You can't make somebody stop cutting if they don't want to. It's not that easy to just say "stop cutting" and tomorrow it'll be all better,
it some times takes years to completely stop cutting.
автор: Lovecard Funeral 6 августа 2007
83 29
Unlike what most people seem to think these days, Cutting is not brought on by 'Emo' music, or a cultural fad. People do it to cope with depression just like people use alcohol to cope with depression and they need help. So next time you hear of someone purposefully harming themselves, think twice before you call them "a whiny emo fag"
Pompous ass #1: "Sallys cutting herself!!"

Pompous ass #2: "Wow shes probably just a whiny emo bitch that wants attention."

Sally: *cries*

Good Sumerian: "Hey dickheads leave her alone! Shes going through a hard time and she needs help." *comforts sally*
автор: qwertyuiasdfgh 29 декабря 2008
80 31
1. Cutting is when you use a sharp object, such as a knife or razor blade, to cut yourself.
Cutting is not a 'Fad' or a 'Fashion Statement', I have done it, it's much more.
I was bullied nearly every day and I couldn't take it. I did it because I was depressed.
It's not for attention, and it's hard to stop once you start.
2. Cutting an object, such as paper with a knife or scissors.
I'm not giving an example that relates to Cutting (def. 1), think of one yourself, you're not stupid.

The the teacher said 'Start cutting out your picture, then,' and the girl said 'Ok,' (def. 2)
автор: Bitch!! 19 декабря 2006
80 39
Cutting is the practice of cutting one's body with a sharp object to relieve emotional pain. It is a common misconception that cutters are suicidal. This is usually not the case. Most people who resort to cutting are in a position where they feel unhappy to the point where self-harm is all that helps. Cutting is not restricted to any one stereotype, age group, color, wealth, or religion. It is effective, but dangerous. I am struggling with it right now, and I can tell you that it is incredibly difficult to quit once you've done it. I would not recommend it to anyone, although it may seem rewarding. I and most of my friends have been dealing with it for some time now and it has yet to solve any of our emotional problems. In fact, most of us are worse off now than when we started. But if you have already started, I noticed that there are some suggestions in this section of Urban Dictionary on how to quit. I recommend that you try them. Who knows, maybe it'll help.
Some person: "Did you see that girl? She's always cutting and her life isn't even that bad! She must be emo."

Me: "Since when did you have to emo to cut? You don't have any idea what's going through her head, so don't judge her like that."
автор: infin 16 октября 2006
50 22
Well, Since most of the info is covered here already, I'll recap. Sometimes the emotional pain can be too much. Sometimes you just can't cope with it all. Cutting offers a brief, if effective, relief. By causing shallow lacerations in the flesh, one releases natural endorphins into the blood which can ease pain or cause uplifting feelings. Many people who suffer from depression or single instances of strong emotional trauma resort to cutting as a way to escape the pain. Regardless of the chemical properties of self-inflicted injury, the fact of the matter is that if you have strong physical pain, then your emotional/mental stresses seem lessened due to the human brain's lack of multitasking capabilities. There are quite a few misconceptions circulating about "cutters" and the like. Many are attributed to being "emo fags," but in most cases such is not the truth. While it is true that many people in depressive moods tend to gravitate towards music that can convey the feelings that they are experiencing, Not all people who listen to such music are cutters, or even depressed. People who resort to cutting aren't "insane" or "unstable" because of this, although people who ARE unstable may cut themselves. Another misconception is that cutters are merely seeking attention. While this might be the case in some situations, it's not very common at all. Who would willingly inflict pain on themselves simply for the notice of another? People suffering from such advanced depression should not be vilified, but helped. Speaking as a cutter myself, I can say that anyone who is negative towards those with problems should take a nice big peek in the mirror and not be so quick to judge.
Me: Sometimes the pain is just too much, and I find myself cutting.

Stranger: What are you, mental? An attention whore? GET OVER YOURSELF!

Me: (///_-)
автор: BOR21 29 мая 2008
35 14
1. To divide with a sharp-edged instrument
2. To skip class.
1. I like cutting paper for my crafts projects.
2. I like cutting art so I don't have to do my crafts project.
автор: The_Smart_One 22 января 2008
27 12
To cut a drug(esp. cocaine) means to dilute the drug to increase its weight and make more profit.
John was cutting his cocaine by mixing 4 grams of it with 1 gram of baking soda and sold it as 5 grams of cocaine.
автор: Devin313 2 августа 2007
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