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Does The Look. Its an online abreviation.
This is used when someone says something weird/creepy that in real life you would give a "wtf" look to.
Person 1: "i like to have sex with monkeys"
Person 2: "DTL"
автор: nattypondepussy1 30 июля 2010
74 42
damn this life. looks like the OTL guy with a flat head.
john: god i didn't finish my homework... dtl
автор: hihihihihihihihihihihihi45342 25 сентября 2011
52 38
DTL - "Down To Lick". Opposing DTF... "Down To F@#k"
I'll be DTL.... if she is DTF
автор: Jen's DTL 7 марта 2011
28 20
date time location ?
Let's get pho next week!

Sure... dtl?
автор: freewords 24 декабря 2010
3 3
Down to league?

used when asking if a person is willing to play a math of League of Legends with you.
"Hey max, the guys are online, you DTL?"

"Ya sure man, let me just log on"
автор: Shimo Kami 30 октября 2012
0 3
(v.)1. Down To Learn. 2. Being in the mood to pay attention in class, and wanting to learn new material.(Associated with school and education)
Ex 1. Steven: "Dude, that Bio test was ridiculous!"
Bobby: "Nah bro, You just gatta be DTL sometimes."

Ex 2. Ray and John were so DTL when they walked into school that Wednesday morning.

Ex 3. I answered a difficult question right in class, and I said, "I only got that right due to my DTL Attitude."
автор: G94Lima 28 марта 2011
19 25
down to lax (lacrosse)
Bro, I'm totally DTL right now.
автор: laxbromaster69 9 декабря 2010
26 35