Dick Togs. A form of swimming underwear, used mainly for sporting reasons or by really old seedy men at the beach.
Guy: "Man, those old guys wearing DT's should be arrested for indecent exposure"
автор: Menztrual 17 сентября 2011
Down to snuggle
Dude, Paige was totally DTS last night.
автор: pppppaaaaaajjjjj 11 сентября 2010
Don't Talk Shit
Hey bro DTS okay, that's your mom.
автор: the dictionary for idiots 1 апреля 2015
this weekend, if you are ready i am DTs
автор: andrewmoonshine101 28 июня 2011
Acronym of 'Delerium Tremens', hallusinations caused by alcohol withdrawal - often spiders or roaches
"Bob's got the DTs!"
автор: Hades 3 января 2003
Down to Shag
Also means DTF- Down To Fuck
Hey are you DTS cause I am?
автор: MR TMAN IRISH SPRINGS 20 октября 2011
Down to spoon
hey girl! you DTS?" "for sure! I can spoon all night
автор: twin95 29 марта 2011

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