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Character created by stand-up, X-rated black comedian Rudy Ray Moore who had its peak on the blaxploitation film movement of the 1970s. Dolemite represents the quintessential pimp with lots of ho's at his charge and able to whoop ass with his muthafuckin'kung fu skills.
Dolemite is the master of Pimp Fu.
автор: DaMotha 3 августа 2004
149 31
A tough black mineral that won't cop out when there's heat all about.
It's dolemite, baby!!!
автор: Professor Farnsworth 10 января 2004
97 24
Dolemite-fly nigga from the 70's who was pimping ho's, hustlin mad money, and layin motha fuckas out with his pimp cane.
автор: Strictly4nigga 17 марта 2003
69 22
1970's Comic/Actor Rudy Ray Moore.

Dolemite is his characters name. Pimp and a hustler, Dolemite is three times as bad as Shaft.
Sit down and watch Dolemite stick it to the white devils.
автор: Rob Niclas 12 апреля 2005
39 31
The human tornado. Similiar to a Shaft or a SuperFly.
Dolemite is the...see above.
автор: whitemale_98 30 декабря 2004
22 16
A neo-con loser known to peruse auto enthusiast web sites.
Dolemite got smacked when he called the social activist a hippy.
автор: deafcon 11 января 2006
31 69