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A single can of Arizona Iced Tea. Called Dolla Holla because of its ability to be purchased for only one dollar.
Very popular among high school/college students because of its low price, high deliciousness, and large size (16.oz).
Person A: hmm. im really thirsty, but i only have one dollar.

Person B: grab a dolla holla! you get like 3 times the drink for for 1/2 the price
автор: woonsauce 17 апреля 2009

Слова, связанные с Dolla Holla

$1 holla arizona dolla dolla hollar dolla holler dollar holla dollar holler holla iced mad nice tea
a term used in lakeland, fl usa that refers to a stripper at the strip club begging or doing anything for a dollar
man dolla holla was trippin' and acting a fool for that dollar
автор: mills5150 30 мая 2013