This is my definition of emo based on a conversation with my "emo" son and his friends because...well I can. I have concluded that there is no definition of emo. I was told that THEY are unique individuals, which by my upbringing describes everyone on the planet. Oh, they listen to a certain type of music (don't we all), they wear bleak-colored clothing, have piercings and are emotional.

So here goes my definition....Emo people are an excuse to hate everyone around you and mutilate yourself. Nothing more in a world of take-a-pill, make excuses for not doing anything with your life and blame everyone else for your condition. After intercepting a letter from my emo son's emo girlfriend, I read "I hate my big sister. She is such a b$#*ch and doesn't pay attention to me. Cutting and suicide seem so real right now." Every teenage girl that has a big sister hates her at one point in her life. And this lifestyle has been perpetuated by leaving our children alone, not teaching them proper values of life, not looking into what they are doing.

If the emo children were brought up in my household they would be thinking...."oh yeah exactly, cutting sounds so glamorous." Obviously, sarcastically. Can't these kids just be individuals with differences without all the loathing they portray????

Anyway, this comes from a 40 year old mom with wild hair, tattoos, piercings, listening to heavy metal music (along with all other genres). Am I emo????????
Emo people living in disgust
автор: Appalled 30 августа 2007
A person of indiscriminate gender.
Bi-curious tendencies.
Unawareness of gender roles.
An excuse for guys, to act like girls.
Someone who wears expensive shrunken clothes to express their pessimism of the world.
A person who of high-class, but searches for a good excuse, to appear unaccepted and to act like they've had a hard life.
Rick: Hi
Emo: ...
Rick: You look sad.
Emo: I am sad.
Rick: Why?
Emo: I'm always sad.
Rick: Is there any thing I can do?
Emo: Want to release our pain through the cutting of flesh.
Rick: ?!?!
автор: The Ruffio 4 августа 2007
Modern-day punk rock music genre. Emo music can be associated with any not-so-rebellious punk rock.
Not to be associated with any persons wearing tight pants, "cutting themselves", and boohooing about how much life sucks.
The people who claim to be emo are nothing more than emotional punk-rockers. Nuff said.
"Emo" kid: *cuts wrist* I'm so depressed. Life sucks.

Punk rocker: *spray paints on walls* Down with the establishment!

Emo is basically the evolved form of a punk rocker. Sad.
автор: Armthehobos 27 июля 2007
EMO doesn't stand for anything, and it isn't anyone in particular, nor is it a group of people. It once was, as many people have already stated, a genre of music, now it is used to refer to those people who don't fit into the categories we have created. just because we do not understand one person does not mean we have to class them then throw away any last remaining thoughts of them. one day we should approach one and ask whether they are okay, maybe you'll be pleasantly suprised by the lack of stereotypical comments in their reply.

Some people have been through hard times, some people don't know HOW to cope with what is happening to them, why don't we, instead of shunning them, help them and then maybe there won't be any need for this utterly pointless category.

Cutting-isn't necessarily a characteristic of "EMOhood", its a phase of life, and sometimes an outlet of frustration and pain. would you prefer them to take their anger out on others?
Random person 1:Man, you're EMO...
"EMO": *thwack!*

Moral: Don't stereotype others, especially when you can't, or don't, stereotype yourself.
автор: idioticsmartass 22 июня 2007
Ok, emo and punk are NOT alike at all. Goth and emo also not a like at all. Emo is just a new bullshit genre of music and new style that steals it's sounds and look from other things.

Emo is a style that has becoem popular, mainly teens pretending to be depressed for attention, dressing like tranvestites mixed with clothing from other styles and genres, make up sad stories also for attention, and some are dumb enough to go to self mutilation to fit in or get attention.
Emo cunt: My life is so depressing! My dog died! *tear*
Punk: *curbs* Stop fucking crying, my parents just kicked me out and my brother died of a heroin overdose and I'm not fucking complaining.
автор: Evil_Elmo 17 июня 2007
The word emo is short for emotional. Originally used to define music that was "overly" emotional, normally quite dark sounding rock music. Now often used to describe fans of this music or as an insult. If you have any of these you are leaving yourself open to being called an emo: a fringe across your face, converse, vans, skinny jeans, scars on your arms or legs for what ever reason, rock band t-shirts, black clothes of any description, and patterned shoe laces. A stereotype of emo is someone who has dark hair, thick-rimmed glasses, converse, skinny jeans and are so depressed that they self-harm.

Emo also sounds like the japanese for potato. (imo is the romanji version but is prounced emo)
They're so emo.
That band is so emo.
Girl #1: All emos are stupid
Girl #2: Have you ever cried?
Girl #1: yeah...
Girl #2: Have you ever laughed?
Girl #1: Yeah...
Girl #2: Have you ever smiled.
Girl #1: yeah...
Girl #2: Then you're emo because emo is short for emotional and laughing and crying means you're being emotional.
автор: M'rika 16 июня 2007
Those individuals who, in a society that is based in the real and lacking in feelings, feel things more and in a "different" way.
I am emo when I cut myself.
автор: Johnny Me 12 июня 2007
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