attention whores, pussy music, weak people. get over it kiddies.
Duuude, Oh my god duude, seriously like she was my heart and soul duude, like if i told you how much i loved her you would understand, aww duuude, is the moon moving? ahh duude duude ahh dude ahh duude.
автор: DJet 5 июня 2005
1.Extremely depressing music to the point where it gets annoying.

2. Music you listen to after you find out your girlfriend/boyfriend's dead, your mom's a hooker and your dad's on crack/cocaine.

3. A form of music reserved for whiny little teenaged adolescents.
1. Oh my gosh! That kid is crying to dashboard, how fuckin emo can you get?

2. Well, my mom's a slut, my dad's a druggie and the love of my life is dead...emo is the only answer.

3. Wow, Johnny sure is a little bitch. What an emo whore.
автор: Syndee 23 ноября 2004
Nothing but pure idiocy.
I try to be a happy person, but between impatient drivers, ineffective logos, and "emo" kids, I just can't control my anger.
автор: Kenneth Craine 4 августа 2005
if theres two of them kissing the hottest thing in the world
The two emo boys were kissing at the party and it was really really really hot.
автор: Pearlleta 1 апреля 2007
A group of teenagers and early adults who listen to music that is based majorly on emotions. They are goth kids who want to be punk.. but are to sad to do so and they're also a bunch of trendy kids... They typically tend to be wearing all black mostly, dyed black hair (usually covering most of the face or full throttle bangs) with think black square plastic glasses, hightops or low tops and band t-shirts/bunnyhugs or thrift store clothes, they also have their ears stretched to some sort of gauge. they have major mood swings, and are usually depressed or outragously happy and then real angry and then sad and then angry and then happy and it's so random. their favorite music is mainly some guy whining about how is girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with him and he can't stand himself and so he should kill himself or it's about something else "tragic" or amazingly "beautiful"... Emo kids tend to whine a lot about how their lives are so unbearble and depressing.. when really they mostly have lives just like the rest of us.. and just need to learn to deal with it.. They also are known to carry around song books containing their "inner most soul" and can "play" guitar (and by play i mean.. can't play at all) they also have a habit of listening to uhknown underground emo bands and when they hear other people listening to them they are likely to just stop listening to that band because they "sold out" and will find a new unknown band to idolize... they are real weird.. and i suggest not talking to them.. although they can be really entertaining..
a quarter of the kids in any major city. the used... My Chemical Romance.. Deathcab for cutie.. i dunno any others.. i hate emo.. they should like.. die or something.... hahaha... how many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?! NONE!!! they are all too busy trying to kill themselves in the dark..
what happens when an Emo kid turns 27?
nobody knows.. they all are dead by then..
автор: ejpunk 16 мая 2005
emo is one step below transvestite.
their lives are just a black spiraling hole taht is controlled by sterotypes like Jesus and Big Bird and Pokemon. Gosh emos just love screaming to stabby rip stab stab, they have no love.
their love is for razors and black toe f cos hes emo enough for cyber sex with aungus with boc choy.
Asian emos originated in asia by Jesus's pimping buddy, Doctor Cabbage ft. Boc Choy And Thje GaNg.
Hau Ding is a emo, i love him like he loves shaving his legs, Napoleon Dynamites emo, sogh, emo.
Most emos hav genital difficienties, in most cases herpes crabs and white rice bubble lyk things on the flaps ov there fannys. emos ar obese fattys that drown there
sorrows in cake. i love emo. i hav an emo club. us emos use jelly dildos rather than normal ones becasue u can eat them afterwards!. although the health hazards are quite dangerous, we risk it becuase we enjoy masturabting using unwashed carrots courtesy of Hau dInGs SUpErMaRKeT.
Lulu: is he emo?
Ding: Yes
Herbert: Oh-My-Goth!
Douglas Jardine: Yes Emo hot hot
Emo: My life is spiraling towards hell
Phillip MCrack: Feel my crack
Kipper Nippples: I ToUCH MYSELF
автор: Garecaniel 27 мая 2006
Emo was invented in the late 80s as an attempt by white suburbanites to keep african-americans from migrating to the suburbs. The word is derived from its NSA acronym EMO (Ebony Migration Obliterator). It was designed to possess everything black people hate: irritating vocals, whiny lyrics, subdued dress style, and a complete undancability. Black people react to this music as if they were hearing nails on a chalk board and it is greatly responsible for the racial divide in suburbs today.
There has never been a black man attend a emo concert ever.
автор: Dan Marino 29 апреля 2005

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