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Pertaining to the game of baseball, ERA (Earned Run Average) is a statistical measure of the effectiveness of a pitcher. It is computed by the following formula:

ERA = (earned runs allowed)*(9)/(innings pitched)

Obviously, the lower the ERA, the more effective the pitcher, with an ERA of around 1.50 or below being considered excellent.
If Tim Hudson, starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, pitches 38 innings spread out over the first 6 games of the season, and allows 4 earned runs during those games, his ERA would be (4*9)/38 or 0.95. Thus he would be seen to be an extremely effective pitcher.
автор: Fox Horn 5 мая 2005
32 30
Dick in Assyrian, frequently used by people from Fairfield.
Era look at that sick chick do you reckon she puts out cuz?
автор: massiv 9 июля 2004
317 94
An Age. A Spesific gap of time which ends due to a dramatic or extraordinery change.
Also a vely vely kewl nick. which is taken so :P on you.
The end of an Era.
автор: Era 21 мая 2003
82 62
A time before you did something you no longer do now.
Guy 1:hey john remember hanging out with them
Guy 2:yeah man I can't go back to that era.
автор: Thad castle 9 января 2014
8 1
A mystical male with large eyes(;
Person A: look at this guy
Person B: He's an ERA
автор: themagicalfairy 12 декабря 2010
19 18
Era or "Error": A white rapper with no talent, who over-zealously proclaims their greatness, and takes credit for their older brother's accomplishments.
Era was on stage in Tiffin, Ohio, pretending to be a hard-core rapper in front of a sea of white people. Pretty hard-core.
автор: Say it like it is... 1 июня 2011
4 6
A totally fucking awesome name!
Eras?! is that like fucking awesomenese?
автор: Eras Longras 25 января 2009
4 9