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A foul-mouthed, mean spirited, sexually confused, and morbidly obese 9-year-old on South Park.
Eric Cartman talking to Kyle:Shut up you fucking Jew!
автор: kyem2010 15 октября 2005
1332 141
A fat, Anti-Semetic cartoon character on South Park.
Kyle: Hey, can I come?
Eric: No!
Kyle: Why the hell not?
автор: Pogo Labeau 1 августа 2005
814 118
a realy cool dude who should be president.
sieg heil eric cartman!!!!
автор: satans little whore 12 сентября 2005
915 289
Probably the funniest character in the popular series South Park.
Eric Cartman is a racist shit.
автор: Serminigo 9 декабря 2006
569 78
The fat friend. He's a pimp, an O.G., He's the s#!+.
Eric Cartman: "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned."
автор: Southparkfan 27 октября 2005
526 150
Full Name: Eric Theodore Cartman,Relatives: Liane Cartman
A demented 9 year old who is a racist,foulmouthed,and somewhat witty and cunning obese bastard child who appears on the Emmy winning series South Park. He is Known to hate Kyle Brofloski often calling him a "dumb jew." And whoes mother is a reverred "crack whore" who has both male and female genitals.
Kennys Dad: Say Kenny wasn't that your fat foulmouthed racist friend Eric Cartman?
автор: Atticus Justice 20 ноября 2007
364 43
The closest thing to the true nature of human kind.
Eric Cartman...is...GOD!
автор: cutthecrap 21 января 2009
350 136