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The day of the week on which you're allowed to eat whatever you like, regardless of your usual dietary practices.
Dani: Should I get the apple pie or brownie for dessert?
Allison: Just get both; it's faturday.


After eating nothing but salads all week, Courtney couldn't wait until faturday; the cake in the fridge had her name written all over it.
автор: Czar Yellowfin 1 ноября 2009

Слова, связанные с Faturday

eating food gluttony holiday occasion faterday fatterday fatter day friedday funday nomday
A day of over eating unhealthy things you would not eat on a daily basis
Last Saturday ,well Faturday, I ate so much BBQ I thought my belly was going to pop.
автор: ABCanterbury 12 сентября 2010