In theory: Social Movement for Equal Rights.

In practice: Social Movement for Women Privilege.

Feminism can't be criticized within reason because you're automatically sexist, misogynist and are performing hate speech, even if what you're saying makes sense.

Most feminists you'll encunter are unreasonable. They have a shield and are in defence mode. It doesn't matter what you say, you might as well point out all the inconsistencies of feminism in the world, their way of arguing is by ignoring all your points and stating or even shouting their worldview because "they are right".

Another reason why you can't reason with feminists is because it's not just ignorance but deliberate ignorance. Any feminist who would have wanted to see the truth for herself could have just googled the other side of the argument and she would have seen:
- While males don't have as much privilege as feminism states.
- Bad things feminism has done making the world an even more inequal place.
- Feminism's worldview is inaccurate and sexist.

It is important to notice that not all feminists are bad, only the majority of them are.
It is also important to notice that not all women are feminists, dispite of feminism worldview that a non-feminists woman is a victim of the patriarchy, they are just women with reason. One must only google image "I don't need feminism" to see it.

As the maker of this I might be labeled by feminists as a sexist, a women hater and stuff like that. Feminists love labels.
- Feminism fights for equal rights!

- If feminism is for equal rights, then why has feminism tried to ban peeing while standing up in Sweden or fought against female rapists being arrested, charged and convicted of rape, in India ?

- Those are feminazi, bad apples, not feminists!

- But I see them all the time, pretty much all "feminists" I see are feminazi while there's only a handful of good feminists that have little influence compared to what you would call feminazi.... And the "patriarchy"... where males have unearned privilege and all the rights they need is not even backed up by anything, workplace death is 9-1 to men, worse sentence for the same crime is 20-1 to men, homeless ratio is 4-1 to men, winner of child custody is 5-1 to women, not to mention that women can decide alone whether they want to do an abortion if they don't want the child even if it's the men's child too, but if the man doesn't want the child and the woman does he still has to pay alimony, men can't get as much as women with good looks either, where is our privilege ?


Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings too.
Yes, we know they are. But that's not what feminism is about.

Anti-feminism is the radical notion that by taking men's rights you don't make equality.

- I don't like feminism.
- You're a women hater, sexist, alt-righter, wicked person.
автор: Areasonableperson 23 июня 2016
the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the SUPERIORITY of the sexes.
Feminism is the belief that men are disgusting rapists and that women are better than them in every possible way.
автор: LadyOfTheAlliance 20 июня 2016
Was valid years ago. But now, because the genders are equal(in the U.S.), it is a movement led by dumbfucks that think women are still oppressed. Often feminists complain about irrational fabricated issues. Also, in defense of feminism, feminists use biased, irrelevant research to "prove" their point.
Someone said, "feminism is believing in the social, political, and economical equality of all sexes and genders", but they were a fucking retard. Feminism is actually the advocacy for women's rights, which is why it's fucking retarded. Because women have equal rights.
автор: PanoramicPixel 22 мая 2016
The most crippling mental disorder in history. Feminists claim to be in support of equal rights for both sexes, but this was never, is not, and never will be true. If a man/woman so dares as to say that women have more rights than men (which they do, it's been proven several times), or even disagree with feminism in the slightest form, feminists will dog pile them until every bone in their body is broken. Feminists have been known to:

Hate men
Hate women
Believe in female supremacy
Be extremely hypocritical
Be relatable to Nazism
Censor free speech
Fry more brain cells than Donald Trump

Don't ever take feminists seriously, otherwise they might infect you too.

See also: femtard, feminazi, antifeminist
Feminism is the epitome of mental retardation.
автор: Antihater 28 апреля 2016
Ways teachers discipline kids...
Extremely dumb ways people justifying say that women are better than men. (men aren't better than women either, gosh... feminists)
Teacher- Chris stop getting flipped off by Jordan! Office now!
Jordan- Wait so I am not in trouble?
Teacher- No, you are a woman ; you are immune to being in trouble.
Chris- Why I am I in trouble?
Teacher- You are a guy and when women do any thing wrong to men, it is the men's fault.
Chris- What?!?

Teacher- Feminism#
автор: U WOT M90 24 марта 2016
The belief that women need to be equal to men by propagating female privileges and bashing masculinity.
College feminist: Feminism just means equality, you chauvinist pig.
Normal fucking guy: Oh yeah? How come you never talk about the courts are weighted in favour of women? How come men serve longer than women for the exact same crime? How come domestic violence and rape against men is laughed out of the room (that's REAL rape culture)? How come women get to talk up femininity and womanhood but at the same time can shove masculinity and male values into the fucking soil? If you truly gave a shit about equality (as if you cunts can actually claim the concept of equality as your own), then why have I never heard any feminist talk about these issues? Because you're too busy with your myths and fallacies like "rape culture" , the"gender pay gap", "manspreading" and "mansplaining". Face it: you're spoiled, middle-class, pretentious fucks sucking at the teat of Western civilisation, enjoying the fact that it's so much easier to be a woman by whipping up a narrative that you're in some way oppressed because your mothers were marginalised 30, maybe 20 years ago, enabling you to slice away at male rights because you're a sexist, power-hungry piece of shit. Suck a cock, you whiny bitch.
автор: KronstadtRebellion 19 января 2016
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