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old saggy flat man tits
OHH man did you see that guy's fish tits they were AWESOME!!!!!!
автор: The Triangle 26 октября 2007
37 21
Girls who does not have breasts
Girls boyfriend - Why do you call her fishtits?

Legend - Fish dont have tits
автор: Sir Fist 11 августа 2010
25 10
Substitute for the word shit when frustrated or shocked
1) Holly Fish Tits!!!
2) Aw Fhish Tits.
автор: G Man 18 апреля 2005
33 24
A phrase which can be used just about anywhere.

Also, the tits of a fish.
"How are you today fucking?"

"Did you write that paper yet?"
"Yea, I did it fish tits ago."
автор: Meats 11 апреля 2007
28 25
To have very very very smelly nipples. Particularly smelling of rotten salmon or shrimp.
"Man, that kid Freddy just walked in. He must have fishtits!"
автор: Dr. Martin P. Haggis 20 сентября 2008
6 9