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A square, someone who is not with it. Combination of "flop + dope" = FLOPE.
In the song "Big Name Button" by the Royal Teens, they sing:
"...you're a flope and you aren't in the club." (if you don't have a big name button, which was all the rage in the late 1950s.)
автор: Ed 'Kookie' Byrnes 13 января 2010
823 32
another word for loser
Dude: I just got braces isnt that cool
Chick: You are such a Flope


"this party is such a Flope"
автор: simonexxskittles 5 августа 2009
638 14
a floating sensation that comes of eating too many marshmallows
oh no... i ate too many flumps... now i feel as though i can flope on air
автор: rhiannon 5 декабря 2003
7 26
Slang for fallopian tubes. Since women don't have a set of balls, this is where you deliver a swift kick of justice when they're tripping out on you.
Damn, she's being a bitch! Kick her in the flopes!
автор: Nasty Canasta 16 июля 2010
2 27
Pronounced 'Floppy', military term associated with the British Army's Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, affectionate term for foreign officer cadets, stands for 'Future Leader of Potential Enemies'.
'The son of a Saudi Sheikh's starting on our course this term'
'Really? Best learn his weaknesses. That's a FLOPE if ever i've seen one!'
автор: silentwetness 14 июня 2012
1 36
another word for B.F.F.A.L.A.H.P.
"You holy Chipperheaded flope!"
автор: Scrub 11 ноября 2003
2 60

how easier can it get tho ?!
damnn tho, dat nigkaa is fawkin FLOPE !!!
автор: OGeezy 7 сентября 2007
12 108