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Walking sex.
Did you see Gabanti on that new episode of TAI TV? So hot.
автор: a n n i e 10 июля 2008
76 5
Nickname for Gabe Saporta, lead singer of Cobra Starship. Combines Gabe and Santi, The Academy Is...'s album released in 2007.
Gabanti had some mad dance moves last night.
автор: Taylor Starship 3 января 2008
79 9
Noun. Gabanti is known as Gabe Saporta, the lead singer of funky rock band Cobra Starship, and former frontman of punk band Midtown.
"It is I, Gabanti, here to introduce a whole new world to you pussy emo kids."
автор: kay-c 1 января 2008
55 7