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The act of crushing one with your foot, and screaming out, " GHETTO STOMP!"
I'll ghetto stomp your stupid ass if you don't pay up.
автор: ryan 30 сентября 2004
243 39
v.- to utterly annihilate
The United States ghettostomped the Iraqi Republican guard.
автор: Nick Rex 16 мая 2005
24 9
To stomp on one's skull whilst wearing cleats.

Mainly done in ghetto's with mountainous terrain.
"I just ghetto stomped Clarence ,"

"Nice, how bloody are your cleats?"

"They can be washed,"
автор: motionfull 15 января 2014
0 2
A way of stomping on something to break it for a personal gain. Also, a way to vandilize or break into sometihng.
Me and my friend ghetto stomped in the park.
автор: Raimy 24 апреля 2006
26 134