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The "gangsta" way to say "chipper."
"Diamonds in my ear,
Prada on my zipper.
Gucci be the slippers,
damn I'm feeling gipper."
автор: ShanmarieLK 26 января 2011
1)When an African American is so happy he dances into the street.

2)The number one song in the world.
Man that guy was to Gipper he got hit by an ice cream truck.
автор: Tosh.0/werk 1 февраля 2011
Ronald Fuckin' Reagan!
One for the Gipper!
автор: Bogeyalert 15 мая 2011
When your body fat actually saves your life in an accident or injury.
Dave - "Did you see that guy get hit by that ice cream truck?!"

Shua - "Goddamn that boy is gipper!"
автор: Ninshua 27 января 2011
its a hybrid of crunk
heywood: how do you feel after getting laid?
автор: YoMaMa696 26 января 2011
1) To be feeling good, with a lot of mojo.
2) Chipper with a G in front.
Man I'm feelin' Gipper!
автор: WFgg 26 января 2011
A dude who enjoys humping poles fo' the ladies, or a person being referred to as a "gay stripper" gipper. A merge.
Person:holy crap! That dude is humping the playground equipment!!

Other person:what a GIPPER!!!
автор: Yupperfly 26 апреля 2012