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1.) Word used when a certain accomplishment or goal is met.

2.) To tell a person to have sex with someone; usually screamed out loud. Using the word this way can also be used as an insult, pertaining to someone who is with another person.
1.) Nice, I passed my global history test!! GITSUM!!!!!

2.) Jim: Hey Thor, look at Marty helping that old lady across the street.

Thor: Hey Marty, GITSUM!!!

Marty: What's WRONG with you?
автор: ThePrajektProductions 15 января 2010
7 3
Bad mother fucker. One not to fuck with.
автор: anonymous 26 февраля 2003
9 13
A wishful thinker. A person named for an action that they think they would enjoy.

Opposite of "Got Sum"
автор: anonymous 25 июня 2003
4 13
Usually just a big ole pussy. Someone limp wristed and not to be scared of.
Look at that git sum over there just being an assclown trying to think he's tough.
автор: anonymous 26 февраля 2003
9 19
Dragan's Bitch
автор: anonymous 26 февраля 2003
3 15