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A fishing (not sexual) term for lowlife, shore(bank) fishermen who baitfish typically without a license, regard to regulations, and etiquette towards other people, especially other fishermen following the rules.
Damn, I couldn't find a spot at the river yesterday. It was totally full of googans hogging up the place, dropping f-bombs, and snagging fish.
автор: throwinmetal 25 апреля 2008
378 188
A googan is an offshore fishermen who constantly loses fish that the average fishermen would catch. 'Googans' tend to 'set the hook' when using circle hooks. A googan would not survive if stranded on a desert island with all the fishing tackle in the world, because a googan does not know how to tie the simplest of fishing knots.
Jim Warstler is a googan.
автор: John VanLith 3 августа 2008
248 129
An Internet term for lowlife webmaster who posts ads and web pages typically with no meaningful content, no regard for adwords copywriting, or consideration for other people, especially those who click on promising-looking links.
"I couldn't find any argyle socks yesterday, the search results were totally full of spam web pages hogging up the place, dropping spyware and Googans snagging people with pop-up ads."
автор: Perry Marshall 3 февраля 2009
104 120
The offspring of the mating of a male bogan and a female gook
b1rd and his missus (who several people claim is in fact a ladyboy) are looking forward to one day producing a brood of googans
автор: LamontCranston 16 мая 2009
64 82
An individual or couple who search the internet for the best travel deals and take many vacations.
The Googan was online for hours tryin to find the best deal for their vacation.
автор: mr and mrs Googan 11 января 2010
59 81
A cross between a cheeseburger and a hampster.
Man you are such a googan.
автор: rob oner 23 октября 2006
46 73
A gluegun. A nickname. An awsome word. A cross between a hamster and a cheeseburger. Not a stupid person. GOOGAN!!!
автор: GooganNurcles 14 апреля 2009
40 76