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An attractive woman older than 50 years old, who is on the hunt for younger males. She may be found in nightclubs and bars hunting for her prey.

Grandcougars are generally post postmenopausal and can be easily identified by their frequent hot flashes and night sweats.
I bagged a Grandcougar last night at the club.
автор: TireIronTaylor 9 ноября 2010

Слова, связанные с Grand Cougar

cougar bff couger gilf grandma grandmother great grand cougar milf super milf
Similar to a cougar, a Grand cougar could be the mother of a cougar. Only the bravest cougar hunters go after Grand Cougars
Dude, the bar was so packed with cougars last night, why did you take that grand Cougar home?
автор: bikz 16 июня 2009