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Some one who THINKS they are a gankster and cant even pronounce it... even worse than a Wangsta
Damn Sarah and Cruz are GUNKSTAS!!
автор: BadPandaStyleKru 15 мая 2003

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Sarah "Ji Won" Lee, and her B/F Cruz. Or other ppl that think they are gankstaz but are saddly mistaken, like a wanksta but more pathetic and stoopid.
Shyt nikka, those Gunkstaz Sarah and Cruz are comin' dey Tryin to look hard in their broke ass 1985 Honda Prelude
автор: BaD Panda Inc. 19 мая 2003
the next level of gangsta, a higher form of it
Damn dood that new Mobb Deep joint was gunksta as fuck!
автор: FrEsH 2 DeAtH 18 апреля 2006