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The often difficult and frequently pointless act of trying to reason / argue / split hairs / pass the time of day with Pikeys.

Trying to apply GYPLOMACY in a given situation results in the act being a GYPLOMATIC one (and often in a trip to A&E).
Dan: "Bloomin 'Eck! We were lucky to get out of there alive! What on earth possessed you to try out your GYPLOMATIC skills on them?"

Keith: "Donald McIntyre and Ross Kemp have both tried GYPLOMACY on Sky One... and since they're both massive cocks I figured that any old fool could do it..."
автор: ill @dvised 11 января 2010

Слова, связанные с Gyplomacy

futile ill advised not-the-best-idea-i've-had peg it! talking-to-a-brickwall