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A basterdization of the greeting, "Hey". Commonly used by /b/tards on 4chan.
"Hay guyz, what's going on!?"
автор: Irne 9 мая 2005
219 121
Marijuana that is old or has a lot of shake, or just some bap ass weed. At least thats how we say in Florida.
"Yo dont by trees from that nigga DaJuan, that nigga be servin that hay dog straight up."
автор: WeedMan 8 марта 2004
180 99
that funky green plant all the kids are smoking nowadays
smokin' on haaaayyyy in the middle of the bar..... - crucial conflict
автор: King Nicky 16 июля 2003
89 74
The retarded way of saying "Hey" in conversation. Mostly used over the internet because the person is a complete dumbass and can't spell "Hey", or they're just being sarcastic and making fun of those dumbasses.
Dumb Person: HAY GUYS!
Normal Person: Shut the fuck up.
автор: AuntieTATA 23 августа 2005
74 63
A term used to describe someone who doesn't follow through with plans, or bails on them.
"I was supposed to hang out with Willie today but he bailed again. What do you expect, he's hay."
автор: Donny Planet 12 января 2010
40 30

1. hello(from a misspelling of hey)

2. marijuana

3. a bed
Hay dude! How have you been this week?
автор: The Return of Light Joker 17 февраля 2008
41 33
Verb. To emphatically agree to attend an event, only to not not attend, without any notification.
Are you going out with Sean or is he Haysing you again?
автор: larucifer 6 июля 2010
17 10