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opposite of heterostraight
check out that homogay guy going to pick up his antiretroviral drugs
автор: Torsion_Whore_666_1993 28 октября 2012
9 2
The act of being homosexual and gay at the same time.
Wow, did you see jason today? He's beening pretty homo-gay lately.
автор: Ann Onomise 15 марта 2003
13 14
1) A straight male that tends to act homosexual.
2) An adjective to describe a situation in which a straight male does something somewhat homosexual.
Jack: Andrew grabbed my balls. It was pretty homo gay. So I had to grab him back.
Larry: Shit, you're both homo gay if you ask me.
автор: Nanci 26 марта 2007
9 11
both other definitions are crap, if homo means same and gay means happy homo gay means happy to be the same. in other words, glad to be a sterotype.
Why do rappers spit about bein real, when most of them are homo gay?
автор: Unneglected 30 июня 2004
24 40
That other guy's definition is crap. Gay means happy, so homo gay means happy to be homosexual.
Dumbwhiteguy1: That guy is so homo gay
Dumbwhiteguy2: Wow, that white guy is the biz-omb!
автор: DumbWhiteGuy 16 февраля 2004
12 37
somone who is not gay, coz he is a homosexual gay, therfore not a normall gay, which makes him heterosexual ...u know wot i mean?
I am totally homo gay
автор: not Luke Oliver Baker 17 февраля 2003
9 57