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Awesome, out of control
We got drunk for three days straight, That shit was HOSS.
автор: Joie-Tricia 24 сентября 2004
1. A pig
2. someone beefy
I'll take a hoss sandwich
I'll take a hoss sandwich
автор: Daniel C 26 июня 2003
(n) also can be a butch dikey chick who could kick your ass
(adj) hossy
that mammoth girl is a frickin hoss
that hossy chick just beat the shit out of the entire wrestling team
автор: dolman 23 февраля 2003
To over indulge by eating mass quantities of food, increasing fat storage whereby a state of bloating has occured.
"I just hossed out on that buffet"
автор: Al ralphs & Ryan MacKenzie 16 февраля 2003
a fat, disgusting pig
"I can't fit into my pants because I'm a hoss"
автор: Anonymous 9 ноября 2003
A big man that has sizzle with his steak and can work the WWE style, bah gawd.
"That Albert is a hoss."
автор: Jim Ross 15 октября 2003
Adjetive; Something great, someone that has done something great.
"I want that baked potato, it's a hoss!
автор: Casey Pierce 6 декабря 2002