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A cool store that is often judged as being a place for posers and people paradoxically trying to be unique. Actually, it has some pretty good merchandise.
I was being stupid and shallow for judging Hot Topic. I shop there not because I want to be unique, but because I actually like the stuff.
автор: J1 8 июля 2006
The Kmart of goth.
"Where'd ya get that belt, man?"
"Hot Topic."
"...*mocking laughter*"
автор: Macavity 23 февраля 2004
A store that's gotten such a bad rap that you actually CAN be a nonconformist by shopping there because so many people hate it. A true non-conformist shops wherever the hell he/she wants to shop (including Hot Topic)not giving a shit what anyone says about the store. Now that's what I call non-conformity... (and about the prices, it's called a CLEARANCE RACK; novel concept, huh?)
For a truly original look, wear shoes from Target, jeans from Cost-co, shirt from American Eagle, wristband and wallet-chain from Hot Topic, and a hat from Good Will. Of course, by the the time people read this it won't be original anymore. Do what any sensible person does and set your OWN styles (though some douche-bag will say THAT'S conforming because other people do it; what-the-fuck-ever...)
автор: Kerry King666 11 октября 2006
Hot Topic is a store....
Where people shop....THE END
Hey Tiffany where can I go to a buy t-shirt?

Well child, you can go to Hott Topic
автор: emochild4life 2 августа 2005
A store with goth/punk-esque attire. In most cases, a lot of the merchandise is overpriced, but I still shop there occasionally. A lot of people don't like it, because they think everyone who shops there wants to be a "rebel", goth, punk, or any other preferred label of your choice, but some people shop there because they like the clothes at Hot Topic better than clothes at other stores (i.e. Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, etc.).

On a side not, people who argue over or make fun of Hot Topic and it's shoppers need to get a life or a hobby. Fast.
I just bought this The Beatles shirt at Hot Topic.
автор: Ryan 7 мая 2005
Just read this. actually listen to an opinion...Hot Topic. one of the best stores ever. but...I hate people who go there just to "fit in by standing out" it's a contradiction which is completely and udderly stupid. I, myself love hot topic and most of the clothes and accessories they carry. It's one of the only stores that actually carries band T-Shirts. I wear it because I want to, not becuase I want to fit in or be like everyone else. I shop at all kinds of stores, if i like it, i buy it, i don't try to be someone I'm not. Everyone should just try to be themselves, the world would be a lot less screwed up. I may sound mean, or judgemental but I don't like people who act a certain way with one group of people and a different way with different people. They're like sponges, they absorb the attitude around them when they should be able to be themselves around their "friends"

my advice: Dress how you want to dress. don't care what people think of you. be who you are, not what others want you to be.
(and i actually heard this conversation at the mall, i was like, go girl 2. rofl.)

girl 1: Did you see that girl shopping at hot topic?

girl 2: yeah, so...

girl 1: she's such a poser, she shops at american eagle and hot topic. she's just weird...

girl 2: and why can't she shop at both stores? do you even know that girl? she's really nice and down to earth. You don't know her or her style, she's herself, you should try that for once. just stop judging people for a minute and get a fricken life.
автор: MANDi_panda 5 июля 2006
A chain of stores, linked to the Gap, that markets supposedly "radical" ideas and styles to angsty teens who are pissed off for no apparent reason...making them feel superior to others who buy overpriced A&F stuff, while they don't see that what they are buying is equally overpriced. Hot topic seems to have an agenda of actually MONOPOLIZING non-conformity,so anyone without a brain could even see that it's a bunch of shit.
"I'm such a rebel! i got this anarchy shirt at hot topic!"

"Hmm....'made in mexico.' Oh, wasn't there a massacre by the police a few weeks ago at one of HT's factories during the IWW strike?"
автор: IntestinePoet 19 декабря 2004