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Look down.
THESE are italics.
автор: Ra!naire 21 августа 2010
23 6
this is italic text: SLANTY!
автор: Bastardized Bottomburp 20 марта 2003
25 10
a font style where the writing is slanted to the right; frequently used when responding with extra emotion.
He called me "kiddo," so I texted him back in italics and threatened his collection of basketball jerseys.
автор: Tyrified 14 августа 2009
10 1
Something absurdly overused on TVTropes.org
Italics are .......... absolutely terrifying
автор: E. Jack Ulayte 5 января 2013
1 0
describes shnoobs that have been worn down on one side of the heal, creating an italic finish.
goddamn!! my shnoobs, they have slowly fallen into an italic state.
автор: MC Boonge 13 августа 2003
2 14