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the most awesomest girl, hot, smart, a human calculator, the best wifey on earth, a hot damn flower child. gorgeous eyes, great personality. and purple. :)
who's that purple girl over there?

what?! don't you know sheesh.

no i dont tell me.

it jerri. :)
автор: Gracey Jayy. 26 августа 2008
150 54
Beautiful, funny, confident, and easy going. The best friend anyone could have. Loyalty and honesty are very important. Great lover and a true romantic. Full of happiness and joy in life...
автор: Jerris-Dean 1 февраля 2010
18 8
An amazing guy who gets along with everyone. He is nice, funny, sweet and cute. If you ever get a chance to date one, KEEP HIM! He stands up for his friends and isn't afraid to speak his mind.
"That guy is cute, I bet his name is Jerris"
автор: John Doesphina 6 декабря 2013
3 0
jerry with an "i"
sup homie, my name is jerri
автор: kymiata 14 сентября 2008
29 31
A word used to describe a old rug
I saw a Jerri' at the shop and ran away. It was too old.
автор: Chokeslam 10 августа 2010
1 6
A heartless person, Not able to love, Is afraid to commit to anyone, This girl will eat your soul. Fools people with her extreme good looks in order to attract people to her.
Jim: That girl over there was so rude to me.

Jill: Ya i know she is such a Jerri!!
автор: Just another broken heart 22 мая 2012
12 24