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Amazing, Charismatic andthe girl of every guys dreams come true. Joann will surely rock your world. Joann gives amazing blow jobs, hand jobs, and loves to have a big dick slid in between her big lucious tits. Joann is both smart and funny and can stand on her own 2 feet. Joann needs no man to support her but only a big dick to take and satisfy her very hgh sex drive. Joann is the girl you take home to mom, dad and can still introduce to your friends. Joann has an amazig body that you wont be able to keep your hands of of and can immediately make you cock hard with just one look. Joann is a guys guy kind of girl who is innocent by day and a dirty little freak by night. Joann is one girl you would be one lucky guy to know and by looking at her you would never know how dirty she can really be.
Guy 1 I Sure need to get me a Joann
Guy 2 Every guy should be so lucky to meet Joann
Guy 3 Man did you meet Rays Girl
Guy 4 Yeah I heard he got him a Joann
автор: Sex Vixen 4 февраля 2011
Woman, smart, very helpful, has a hard time saying no, is totally dedicated to family, her children and grandchildren they are the reason for her being alive, without them she would pearish. Jo-Ann is a caretaker, she is dedicated and responsible, her feelings are hurt easily by the ones she loves, she is trustworthy and honest, Beautiful, good sense of humour, loves to laugh, enjoys people and loves travelling, is a born leader, above all she enjoys being with family and friends, her home is her castle, she is proud and will fight for her rights, (nice person).
Jo-Ann would take a bullet for any one of her (children)(grandchildren) no one better mess with her where her children are concerned, she would give up her life to protect them, including her spouse.
автор: Parenting 4 февраля 2010
Jo-Ann is a person who has good taste in music. She is super hot and friendly. She is the social butterfly out of your group of friends. She always has your back no matter what. Sometimes, a Jo-Ann will feel lonely, but she'll get over it quick. Jo-Ann will do anything for her friends. If you are friends with a Jo-Ann you are a lucky person. You can always rely on her. Jo-Ann is one of the people you know will always be your friend. She is thoughtful, generous, smart, and gorgeous. She has a beautiful smile, and a banging body. Jo-Ann is a generally happy person, causing everyone to be cheerful around her.
автор: iwastesomuchtimelikereally 28 мая 2013
Most by the name of JoAnn are usually mother of five with no middle name and is seen as a philosopher to her family, friends, and pet of the house at times. Joann's seem to have disturbing dreams and when are waken from sleep will give show the wrath of a true joann. Yes. They are mouth breathers similar to Darth Vader. Joann's are outgoing, honest, and likes to have a good time. Joann's are old school by name and nature and like to scream the same sayings on a daily basis. They are the only ones that can defeat chuck Norris.
Guilty, you can call me a Joann all you want all day, but I still think my farts are cute!
автор: foreals 28 июня 2011
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