gorgeous.talented.incredibly deep and beautiful person, inside and out.
can take any character and make it into something no one else could...deserves a whole PILE of oscars!
автор: Jade 12 августа 2004
Ruined pirates forever
Man, pirates used to be cool, then Johnny Depp came along and made them all gay. Way to go, asshole
автор: Dillon Farnum 16 января 2005
the man that every girl would masterbate because of.
Johnny Depp makes every girl horny.
#masterbate #horny #finger #sexy #gorgeous #talented
автор: youwilleatit 26 августа 2007
Hot, gorgeous, sexy, hilarious and most of all the best actor of all time.
"Why is the Rum gone?"
-Johnny Depp
P>S: It's not eyeliner he's wearing on POTC, it's coal all you dumb fucks who say it's eyeliner.
автор: kikken_yo_ass 27 октября 2003
Johnny is really fuckable!
автор: roserdozer 17 сентября 2003
da big PIMP DADDY!!!
(he is very very very hot)
автор: iheartjohnnydepp 31 марта 2004
talented, sexy, old but cool
I could do Johnny Depp!
автор: Isabelle 5 ноября 2003
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