To describe a very good looking New York Guido.
Wow that guy sure is juicy!
автор: Brad 21 марта 2004
Just another word for describing something as good. Something that you really like.
Omgzz zac efron is well juicy
автор: Tyrer the tiger 6 февраля 2009
noun: the female member, aka: the vagina
Her juicy was tight as shit.
автор: Dee 11 ноября 2003
Something being really cool!
Dude that guy is so juicy. Id tap that!
автор: poo696969696 31 мая 2006
to have juice... -see juice
this orange is so juicy
автор: Barbie0822 25 июля 2005
cool, awesome
"I got a juicy new pair of shades that let me scoop out all the doddage without gettin' busted."
автор: Yerma Suckscaw 24 января 2003
Can mean many things, but most commonly used when a girl has a not particularly good looking face but a good body, so she is still fuckable.
1: "State of her"
2: "yeah but she's juicy"
автор: khalessi 20 июня 2014

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