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Slang for Kleenex.
"Hey Sarah, hand me some k-nex, my nose is bleeding."
автор: KBats 15 мая 2009

Слова, связанные с K-nex

gagortion git-r-done got-r-did jizz lung kleenex knex naruto nose the buttress tissue
A term used in the form of "emotionally" connecting with somebody new.

Derived from the construction toy/puzzle known as "k'nex" where in which pieces of plastic are connected together to make buildings, cars etc...
For example,
Two guys are in a bar, one guy goes over to a girl and they talk for half an hour, gaining her phone number. The other guy then nudges him and says

"You totally just knexed her man!"
автор: Whizzbangtango 24 февраля 2009