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acronym for "keeping my fingers crossed"
I hope you do well on the test Tuesday. KMFC
автор: zpf21q 7 декабря 2010

Слова, связанные с KMFC

crossed crowbar derby fingers fingers crossed hope kitty roller well well wishes
Kitty 'Mother F*ck1ng' Crowbar
Dude, that jammer just got KMFC'ed up!
автор: $3 Bill 16 февраля 2009
A swine bag. A person so vile that her stench makes your eyes water. Someone who's very existence makes you want to vomit everywhere. Her personality is so attrocious that plunging a knife into your throat would be more fun than holding a conversation with her...
Looking at KMFC is like looking at a nuke you just dropped
автор: ryan 4 марта 2005