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Repeated into a microphone in a busy shopping mall, this will have absolutely no affect in attracting dragon-like flying alien life forms. As established in the cinematic power-house, Evolution.
See also Tuki-Tuki.
"I think we've established that Ka-Kaa Ka-Kaa and Tuki Tuki don't work."
автор: funsize phil 10 октября 2013

Слова, связанные с Ka-Kaa

tuki tuki evolution fuzzy no-nose chimp head & shoulders kane madness
for a memeber of the female gender to have a really nic ass
Brittany has the ka-kaa!!
автор: __ 11 января 2005
when a Kung-fu dude smashes into 10 planks with his bear hands, he makes this sound
Jet lee, chops a guys head off.... Ka-Kaa
автор: Louis 18 февраля 2005