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An understanding of all that's involved with Chemotherapy.

When I first escorted my aunt to the clinic, I hadn't a clue about the treatment – but now she's all better and I'm all kemo-sabe.

автор: nom de plumb 15 апреля 2009
944 181
Tonto often referred to the Lone Ranger as kemosabe
автор: Anonymous 16 июня 2003
335 135
Used in the tv series Lone Ranger, Kemosabe became a very popular term. It means trusty scout or faithful friend. Contrary to popular belief, this term is actually native american. This term can be used while talking to friends or brothers. It can also be used sarcastically when talking to an unloyal and unreliable person you don't like.
John: Hey Kemosabe, long time no see. Did you do my favor.
Mark: Of course I did bro!
автор: efjwoifjwoifjowe 3 июня 2011
170 78
Trusty Scout
Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as Kemosabe, meaning "trusty scout"
автор: birdablaze 29 июня 2010
190 123
Faithful friend , Trusty scout
You got it , Kemo Sabe
автор: Orange World 20 апреля 2011
42 15
My friend, the horse's ass.
Friend: I bet I can light this on fire.

Other Friend: Ah, Kemosabe, you are unique in your worldly ways.
автор: @!#$#@$#!! 9 декабря 2006
122 181
Mexican(?) or southwestern Native American slang for "horse's behind"
Lone Ranger: I still don't know why every time Tonto would laugh when he addresed me as "Kemosabe". Must be because of the way I talk.
автор: AYB 17 июня 2003
65 153