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When men kick their leg, and purposely make their scrotum hit their upper thigh, creating a flop noise.
My testes hurt, because I just performed the kick flop.
автор: RaisinLover 26 сентября 2010

Слова, связанные с Kick Flop

flop kickflip balls flip kick flip kickflop kick-flop legs nuts scrotum skateboard testicles trick
When you try to do a kickflip on a skateboard, you mess up and it lands upside down.
"Dude, how'd you get that gnarly scar on your arm?"

"I kickflopped."
автор: 8380364 29 сентября 2007
a fucked up kickflip
"did you see that kickflip""ha!, more like a kick flop"
автор: tommynel2003 13 мая 2008