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A usually mild mannered sales consultant for a large wireless provider who is about to explode. Other names could be Ryan.
Customer: Excuse me, is Kid Dynamite here? I am here to buy phones with the promo code jamba.
Employee: Why yes he is, but be carefull, he is about to explode.
автор: Luczak 5 декабря 2007

Слова, связанные с Kid Dynamite

mike tyson dynamite evander holyfield iron mike jamba kid lennox lewis ryan zama
Short girl with an avid fascination for all things football. Especially the Power.
автор: www.bigfooty.com 4 октября 2003
A person that blows up over everything. One comment may send this person over the edge and ready to go off.
Calm down Kid Dynamite, I'm just playin'.
автор: Thuggalette (The Deuce) 16 ноября 2004