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Basically, doing a Kleb is acting like an idiotic bitch in whatever you're doing in a day. It's a lifestyle. Originally from Mexico, the word Kleb describes perfectly the lamest thing to do in any kind of domain possible.
Doing a Kleb while playing pool : tipping the cue ball
Doing a Kleb at the mini-putt : putting the ball again even if it's still rollin'
Doing a Kleb with a girl : taking her to your room, undress her, and just leave when you realise that she's fat

If you lose a poker hand with 7-2 against A-A and yell at your oponent telling him he's lucky, you're doing a kleb.
автор: JusticeInGat'no 10 декабря 2006

Слова, связанные с Kleb

bitch klebs amazing good kid k'leb klebarrrttz laugh lebs mauvais person sexy spitfire whats
Being the fucking man.
Dude, stop being a Klebs, everyone is jealous.
автор: Klebarrrtttzz 21 сентября 2010
a very sexy amazing person.
That kid is K'leb.
автор: mr. Smarty 11 декабря 2010