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The epitome of beauty
Whoa...that girl was sooo beautiful. She was like Lanae
автор: Dudemeister7/11 1 ноября 2010
103 14
A very beautiful girl who knows what she wants in the world without second guessing. She knows how to make people smile and laugh without trying very hard. She loves to help people in need even though she can be very rude and sarcastic about the situation. She is very strong and doesnt like to cry in front of people but she will if she cant help it. She is a very sexy sexual person looking for the perfect boy who can match her sexual attitude.
Todd: Damn that girl is funny and to cute who is she?

Chris: Dude Thats Lanae :)
автор: GoofyGoober718 24 августа 2011
106 20
a small penis
you are a lanae
you have a lanae...get off me.
автор: thelanaesucker 26 октября 2010
21 84