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The sound of a car door being slammed
-Hey! Close the car door would ya?

автор: rfoat 19 августа 2010
12 21
Used to describe the love a pathetic loser has for a woman completely out of his league.

ryan's obsession for natalie is lar
автор: jean-paul sartre 7 февраля 2007
8 17
Lost and retarded!!!
Dude your so lar, do you even have a clue of what's goin on?!?
автор: shadowkid375 25 апреля 2009
9 19
The bag in which dodgeballs are kept. Also a unit of weight measurement. 1 Lars is eqaul to 500 pounds.
Dude her comes our gym teacher with the lars, we must be playing dodgeball today.

How many Lars' can you bench press?
автор: thepac13 3 июня 2010
8 20
A fairly decent drummer, attacked for wanting to make money by those jealous of his success.
Lars earns more than me, I should be able to steal from him!
автор: Moron 4 июня 2003
63 75
Originating from a certain heavy metal icon who became supremely lame and pissed off fans worldwide, the word "lars" may be used as an adjective to insult someone who is being a loser, or as a verb to describe lame behaviour. The popularity of the word may be traced back to it's origins in the mid 1990's in central British Columbia, Canada, when the local heavy metal enthusiasts became disenchanted with a certain lars.
I can't believe you're drinking low carb beer, you're such a f#@king lars!

Hey lars, you barfed on my shoes last night!

Don't lars on me again.

I'm too tired to do anything tonight, I'm gonna lars.
автор: foxymophandlemomma 9 ноября 2010
3 24
The most white trash name ever
The name Lars screams white trash!
автор: LineRats 4 марта 2011
5 33