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refering to a woman
Todd:right this way Ma Lady

Dan: anything for MA Lady
автор: Quirky2 20 марта 2009

Слова, связанные с Ma Lady

fuck yeah bloody butterfly boo yeah dan family jd ladies lynch party foul red ice todd up-top
1)a physical or psychological disorder or disease
2)a condition or situation that is problematic and requires a remedy
The malady struck the whole town and they were driven to seek a cure from the doctor across the river.
автор: samcobra 25 февраля 2007
1. A male prostitute dressed up in female clothes.

2. A transgendered person, halfway through their change, working the streets as a prostitute to pay for the rest of their surgery.
"Did you here that Steve got it on with a ma'lady the other night?"
"He looked like a woman from far away, and had his penis tucked in pretty well... it was just as much of a shock to me as it was everyone else..."

The ma'ladies make money from both sets of genitalia when working the streets.
автор: insanityfish 13 февраля 2010