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1) A man made gadget that preforms a task to the benefit of it's creator.

2) A soulless human being that's only as alive as much as a running clock or car

3) Machine, slang for dope needle. One who uses dope becomes a machine for it and they feel that they are just a machine when they don't have any more dope.
1) The dope machine is broken, brittany will probably start getting fat.

2) brittany spears is a machine.

3) brittany spears has a machine sticking out of her tail pipe.
#dope needle #junky #base addict #child rape whore #brittany spears.
автор: WordRepoMan 21 июня 2013
Attractive women with large breasts similar to 'baps!'
(Attractive, busty girl walks past)
#baps #jugs #girls #busty #attractive
автор: Loudvirus 27 сентября 2006
Pronunciation of the word machine by Howard Stern producer Gary Del'Abate when asked by Sal to PRONOUNCE a series of words.
M-A-C (pause) A-R-T-H-U-R
M-A-C (pause) F-L-Y
M-A-C (pause) H-I-N-E
Sal: "Pronounce M-A-C D-O-N-N-E-L-L"
Gary: "Mac Donnell"
Sal: "Pronounce M-A-C H-I-N-E"
Gary: "Mac Hine"
Sal: No you horse toothed jack ass, it's machine
#howard stern #baba booey #sal the stock broker #bukkake #robin quivers #richard christie #pr0n #pwn3d #pwned
автор: Jeff El Drunk 26 апреля 2007
An extremely attractive member of the opposite sex.
Oh dude, i'd love to ride that machine
#sexy #fit #hot #hotness #hot karl
автор: SuperFunHappySlide 1 февраля 2008
If you call someone a machine it means that they are really good at something or are extreamly fast or skilled in a particular sport.
"Look at that Tri"
"Mush he is a machine"
#sport #good #fast #extreame #skilled
автор: G.Baker 26 октября 2008
An extremely attractive member of the opposite sex.
Oh dude, i'd love to ride that machine
#hot #hotty #hotness #holy hot hell #hot karl
автор: SuperFunHappySlide 1 февраля 2008
To do something with a degree of certainty, ample strength, or lasting ability.
Tiger Woods is a golfing machine

That guy just did 1000 sit-ups, he's a machine.

A) Josh can fuck all night long.
B) Yea, he's definetly a machine
автор: Bug 26 августа 2003
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