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Character on Saturday Night Live played by Chris Kattan. Mango is an exotic male stripper who seems to attract every man's attention when he walks in the room. Not to mention the fact he wears tight gold shorts.
"I want to have-a the Mango!"
автор: Jetman 15 октября 2005
578 118
An exotic male strippr from saturday night live!
Iam MANGO! - mango
автор: Shimmler 11 февраля 2003
457 89
funny guy from saturday night live!
"Why does everyone think that I'm the homo-gay?" said Mango.
автор: you mother 8 августа 2003
417 73
A suttle way of pointing out an attractive person.
That guy over there is a mango.
автор: Turtle and Ghost 19 ноября 2002
487 197
A large yellowish-red FRUIT.
Man, that sure is one strange mango.
автор: Werther 20 ноября 2002
313 260
Synonymous with dick/penis.

An nice way to tell some one they suck dick/eat dick
Go eat a mango
Alex eats mangos.
автор: ZergZergZergCheese 20 ноября 2010
24 13
cone-haped, low-hanging tits. they resemble the shape of a mango.
"Wow, check out that mangoes on her!"

"Yeah. the least she could do is strap them in."
автор: evan99 7 июля 2006
32 23